Soul Teaser – The Dark vs All things


Episode One of my ‘Alpha Stories’ Video Blog – Questions & Competition

Ps Stay tuned until the end to see the exclusive reveal of The Atheist’s BRAND NEW 2nd Ed front cover designs!

Who wants to be a character in my next short story installment?

Got a very cool competition for you guys & gals!

Text/private message or comment with any question you have regarding me, my writing, the creative process or anything insightful, and I will do a video blog answering them all!

The person with the best question will become a character in one of my next short story installments!

I’m a very honest and open person, so don’t feel shy to ask me anything!

Deadline for questions is this sunday night. Can’t wait to start creating! (happy face)

FIRST LOOK- The teaser for my novel’s official book trailer is here!

The Atheist


Executive Producer- Alpha Cauwenbergh

Director – Chidozie Ehirim

Director of Photography – Kaan Abdullah

Assistant D.O.P – Amelia Hallsworth

Editor – Joan Farre

Cedou Cauwenbergh as Julian

Christopher – Sherwood as Father Franz Bachinger

Tyler Fayose as François

Morgane Lloyd-Morris as Sister Aeryn-Sun